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Faster Links!

There is more than 600000 links in my movie links table and its been slow for the last year or so... but this week i invented a system that acts like a cache for these links, but this cache is better than the last one, because the last cache had to be cleared and recreated for the entire movie at every change (thumb up, link change ect...) now the new cache instead gets updated when there are changes and stays up to date even after there has been changes.

What is even better is that this new cache can also be used to get the list of episodes on a show.

Well anyways, all this to say that the new cache allows a big breathe of air into a CPU that had been running at 100% usage for years. Now the processor usage rarely reaches 100% anymore and it should get better and better as the new cache system finished getting in place. (it gets created for each page the first time the page is visited...).

All and all, for you, the end user, that should mean that now the links on the page will be much faster to come up and browse. Also that the site in general will be faster too!

But since that was actually a huge, pretty complicated change, while i spent a week making sure i didnt forget any small bug, theres a change that you find some problems or experience some bugs with the links. in any case, pls let me know
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